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We have freed Sophi of disturbing cables and tubes.

Set up, operate, rearrange – again and again. One wants a device which can be moved easily and conveniently. We have used the possibilities of modern technology, and freed Sophi of disturbing cables and tubes. This revolutionary step gives you more flexibility and constitutes a crucial workflow improvement in the operating room.

Easy Move

The basis of the Easy-Move Concept is the elimination of both the power cable and pneumatic tube during device use. This is enabled by a high-power battery, which feeds the device with energy throughout the day.

Mono-Brake System

A simple hand movement suffices to lock or release all four wheels. The integrated ergonomic handle located around the device allows for the flexible movement of Sophi from all sides.

Set up your operating room freely according to your needs

Thanks to the flexible arrangement options of the display and tray, you can adapt the set-up of the device to your individual requirements. Countless other set-ups possible thanks to the 180° rotatable display and the adjustable tray.

Bluetooth foot pedal with inductive charging

Sophi makes it easy for you – including the charging of the foot pedal. After a day of surgery, you simply attach the foot pedal to the charging station, which automatically charges the battery by induction – with neither cable nor sensitive contacts.

Easy Move, also in darkness

Sophi’s foot pedal comes with integrated LED lighting, which enables you to accurately move the foot pedal under the surgical table. Easy Move has a further benefit: You can move the foot pedal over the floor like a hovercraft.

Video transmission over Wi-Fi

Sophi also assists with the communication between surgeon and assistant. The video is transmitted to the display, which enables the assistant to follow the surgeon’s work in real time. Therefore, the assistant is kept informed throughout the surgery, and is more mobile, as looking through the microscope is unnecessary.

Triple Pump Fluidics

When it comes to the pumping system, Sophi is impressively innovative. Sophi controls fluidics with three perfectly aligned pumping systems.

IOP Control Pump

In addition to the gravity infusion, Sophi also comes with an optional active IOP Control Pump. Thanks to this additional peristaltic pump, Sophi controls both the flow and pressure of irrigation. As the device is not only aware of the pressure and flow, but also of the tubing system and instruments, the infusion pressure at the instrument tip remains stable in the anterior chamber of the eye. Thanks to the rapid response time Sophi can also be operated in the Occlusion Mode.

Peristaltic Pump

With the peristaltic pump, the surgeon can control the flow and vacuum selectively. The concept of the pump design focuses not only on performance, but especially on stability, given that the essential element of a Phaco-System is chamber stability after breaking the occlusion.

Clean Venturi Pump

The Clean Venturi Pump is a real world first. The unique feature is a sealing foil which is part of the cassette and prevents contamination of the device and hospital air with the patient’s eye fluids. Thanks to this innovative solution, Sophi’s Clean Venturi is not only very hygienic, but also very fast and safe. A further benefit is that Sophi needs significantly less power to create the desired vacuum. This benefit enables the integration of the air compressor into the device.

Cassette system

Sophi is equipped with an automatic Cassette Slot- In-System which eases handling during surgery preparation, and prevents the assistant from being contaminated by the non-sterile device while inserting the sterile cassette. Sophi’s cassette system has even more benefits. For example, Sophi automatically recognizes the transition between air and infusion liquids within the cassette, which considerably reduces the Prime-Time. By way of a 2D-Code Sophi can detect whether the cassette is sterile and ready for use.

Our Principles for more efficiency
  • no time wasted by bulky control elements
  • no time wasted by unnecessary processes and waiting times
  • no time or storage space wasted during transportation
  • no time wasted by errors or incorrect handling
  • no time wasted by misleading or incomplete information
  • no wasting of materials
  • no wasting of energy A consistent implementation of these principles yields not only economic benefits, but also contributes to quality improvement and energy savings. Your energy and that of the whole surgical team! With Sophi the “lean thought” was consistently implemented and reflects in the 3-Pillar-Concept: Mobility – Simplicity – Safety