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ologen® Collagen Matrix is a biodegradable and implantable ECM mimic specifically configured to support and modulate tissue repair processes in connective and epithelial ocular tissues. As a soft and pliable medical device, ologen® Collagen Matrix is highly absorbent and serves as a dynamic physiological reservoir system that can modulate the process of wound healing and restoration functionality with its ability to hold ten to fifty times its own weight in fluids. The host tissue-collagen matrix interaction may further optimize and stabilize the restoring structure and composition where damage, weakness, or laxity exists, hence creates a healthy and mature tissue structure by preventing scar formation with the help of ologen® Collagen Matrix.

ologen® Collagen Matrix is a dry form of scaffold that contains a connected porous structure of 10 – 300 μm diameter made of cross-linked lyophilized porcine type I atelocollagen (≥90%) and glycosaminoglycans (GAG) (≤10%).

Applications: Glaucoma surgeries and Revision surgeries

  Model Specification
http://www.aeonastron.com/data/editor_upload/image/830601.jpg 830601 6 mm (D) x 2 mm (H)
830621 7.5 mm (D) x 2 mm (H)
862051 12 mm (D) x 1 mm (H)

Applications: Glaucoma surgeries, Patch Graft for Glaucoma Drainage Devices, Strabismus, Pterygium and Revision surgeries


Product shape Model Specification
870051 10 mm (W) x 10 mm (L) x 2 mm (H)

ologen® Collagen Matrix does not require prior preparation; it can be trimmed before operations to adjust to surgical needs for different indications. ologen® Collagen Matrix – Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Porous Structure Better remodeling into host tissues Physiological reservoir system
90% Type I atelocollagen No rejection Minimal immune response
Natural Biodegradation Native ECM mimic for regulated physical consistency Singular tissue in growth
Pliable resistance Long term biomechanical tissue stability Particular space maintenance
Exceptional dimensions Ready to use and easy to handle in operatingroom Good adaptability to diverse ocular tissue areas