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The STERLINK® FPS is our original gas plasma sterilizer. It was designed to be the low-temperature standard for small medical and veterinary practices in addition to being the compact, flexible, and non-toxic alternative to Ethylene Oxide. Cycle times range from 7 – 36 minutes depending on use case. The 14 liter full chamber functions similar to a 25 – 30 liter autoclave capacity due to space not being required between packaging. STERLINK® FPS meets the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international standards for Sterility Assurance Levels (SAL) of 10-6

3 Usage Modes


36 - Minute Chamber Mode

Single use recyclable gas plasma sterilant cartridges power the 14-liter chamber for the processing of multiple packages at once.

14 - Minute Pouch Mode

Direct injection gas plasma sterilization under a smaller volume vacuum reduces gas plasma cycle time and improves sterilant penetration.

7 - Minute Pouch Mode

Cycle times are further reduced for increased flexibility and just-in-time availability of instruments.


Lumen Test Results

The lumen test is mandatory for invasive sterilization. The lumen structure consists of a long tube connected to a BI container. It is more difficult when lumens are longer in length and smaller in diameter. The STERLINK® gas plasma lumen performance was impressive


STERLINK FPS Specifications


Size (W x D x H ) 433 x 614 x 437,mm / 17.1 x 24.2 x 17.2 inches 
Weight 67 kg / 148 lbs 
Chamber (W x D xH ) 264 x 410 x 125,mm/ 10.4 x 16.2 x 4.9,inches 
 Capacity   14 Liter 
Max instrument Capacity  11 Pounds
Input  100-120/220-240 VAC ,50/60 HZ 
Power  1 KVA 
Class  class llb (Rule 15,Annex IX of Mod 93/42/EEC)
Operating Temperature  Less than 57C / 134.6F
Sterilant - 58% H202 Pouch Mode:STERPACK
Pouch Plus Mode:STERBACK Plus 
Chamber Mode:STERLOAD
Display 178mm / 7-inch TFT LCD Touch Screen