Ocuflex Anu6

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Ocuflex Anu6

Ocuflex design ensures smooth insertion and proper positioning inside the eye. Non Ionic nature of material ensures less incidence of PCO. The material used is UV block incorporated ensuring adequate UV protection.

Model ANU6


Hydrophiic Acrylic
Power +10.0D to +30.0 Diopter
Diameter 6.00mm
Length 12.50mm
Refrective Index 1.465


  •  Single piece foldable lens.
  •  Advanced lens design for smooth insertion and proper centeration inside the eye.
  •  UV block incorporated material, ensuring adequate UV protection.
  •  Optics are YAG Laser friendly.
  •  Non lonic nature of material ensures resistance to deposits thus lowering the incidence of PCO.
  •  Steam sterilization does away with the hazards of ETO residue.