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Monoblue Nafx

Presentation of MONOBLUE NafX 0.15%

Monoblue NafX is a high-density purified trypan blue for staining of the Inner Limiting and Epiretinal Membranes.

Improves tolerance thanks to its purification

To provide maximum tolerance, the exclusive Arcadophta purification process guarantees the extraction of toxic components such as o-toluidine – violet – and monoazoic by-products, thereby improving MonoBlue NafX tolerance

Improves tolerance thanks to the addition of mannitol

The addition of mannitol, known for its antioxidant properties, combined with already purified trypan blue, increases tolerance of Monoblue NafX.

Reduces operating times

Monoblue NafX, heavier than water, makes it possible to avoid fluid-air exchange and reduce the operating time needed for staining.

Improves contact with ILMs and ERMs

Thanks to its higher density than water, MonoBlue NafX improves dye/membrane contact.