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Presentation of fractionated silicone oil

Arciolane is a fractionated, purified, sterile and apyrogenic silicone oil for completely safe vitreoretinal surgery. It comes in a vial or syringe. In two viscosities, 1300 and 5500 cSt.

Ideal for long-term tamponade: Reduces emulsification phenomena

Thanks to a unique process for extraction of low molecular weight polymers, Arcadophta reduces emulsification phenomena and facilitates the long-term use of Arciolane.

Dedicated packaging for ophthalmic use

For greater security and ease of use, Arciolane is packaged in a syringe made of thick blown glass, reducing the risk of fracture when subjected to strong pressure. It can be connected to all the Vitreotome compressed air systems.

Customised accessories

Arcadophta offers a panel of connection kits (ARC for single use, or resterilisable APIS) for all Dorc, Corneal, Alcon, B&L, Oertli systems, etc..