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Presentation of ophthalmic gas

Arceole is a ready-to-use injection set of ophthalmic gas C3F6 SF6 C2F6 for inner retinal tamponade. It facilitates the use of the gases in the operating theatre. The single-use, apyrogenic sterile set comes with a validated 0.22 µm filter, syringe and cannula.

Improves safety

Asepsis is guaranteed and the mixture is facilitated for controlled manipulation by the surgeon or nurses.

Facilitates the air/gas mixture

The set is ready to use: it enables preparation of the gases for tamponade to be done by a single person.

Saves you time and money

• A single person for preparation and injection. • Neither investment nor maintenance of equipment. • No purchase of accessories, nor surplus stock.

Guarantees the quality of the mixture

Pressurised packaging guarantees the purity of the gas and the mixture throughout the product’s lifetime, and avoids the concentration of impurities as and when the liquefied bottled gas is used.

Also exists in MULDI-DOSE format

The set is composed of: • 1 reservoir containing 30 ml of non-sterile gas for ophthalmic use • 3 GS sets each containing 1 50 ml plastic syringe, 1 sterilising filter and the connection to the container • 3 patient wrist bands • 3 patient traceability labels.