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PFCL ARCALINE and ARCOTANE are perioperative liquids used to help the surgeon in the treatment of retinal tears.

Improves safety

Their purity and chemical stability reduce possible interactions with the different intraocular tissues. Elimination of C-H groups and fluorides is particularly important. Arcaline perfluorodecalin is guaranteed to 97% purity Arcotane perfluorooctane is guaranteed to 99% purity

With superior guaranty

A final validation of the non-toxicity using biological tests. All products release is depending on the certification of their non-toxicity on Human ARPE retinal cells and Porcine retinal explants carried out by IOBA Institute * following their protocol. *ACUTE RETINAL DAMAGE AFTER USING A TOXIC PERFLUORO-OCTANE FOR VITREO-RETINAL SURGERY-